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Omachi 5/5/2015 6:40 AM
But if you click on it to make it expand you get a 404 error as it's looking for the wrong thing,
Myrr 5/3/2015 1:44 PM
Took a lot of trial and error, but i got the new kill pics posted in a new gallery
Myrr 4/29/2015 2:36 PM
i kinda forgot my work agenda for this week, got a long day at work tomorrow, not sure if i'll be back in time for the raid
Sissela 4/28/2015 11:52 AM
did u miss me guys :P
Tempus 4/23/2015 3:12 PM
Hey all apologies but I can't make it online tonight, gl in raid
Knindza 4/22/2015 9:56 AM
Finally at home, have to download WoW tho :P
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Founded way back in 2007 during The Burning Crusade, LoS is a well organised and long-established social raiding guild on the WoW server Bronze Dragonflight-EU.  We provide a good home for players who want to raid well in a friendly environment but, at the same time, always remember that real life commitments come first.

WoD progression:

- Tier 17, 
    - Heroic Highmaul: 7/7

LoS could be the guild for you if you're reliable and mature, enjoy a positive raiding atmosphere and take a pride in being fully prepared and ready when the invites start going out.  We operate and observe a Code of Conduct which applies at all times both within the guild and when out and about in Azeroth - it is universally popular with our members. 
If you have any questions about the guild, please contact an officer in-game - we'll be happy to talk to you.

Jan 2015.

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                        - WoD gallery - in progress.

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Click on the << and >> links at the top to change album.

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